2009: Jahresbericht

Manitoba Teachers of German

CATG Report


This year’s CATG/CAUTG Conference was hosted by BCCTG in Vancouver on February 20- 22, 2009. Edward Kleinsasser and I attended this conference as the two Manitoba delegates, and Christine Arweiler went as one of the presenters. The weekend consisted of many workshops and presentations, most of which could be applied to or adapted for various grade levels. The overall theme of this year’s conference was “Mit (den) Sinn(en) lernen”. The following is a list of the sessions and presenters with selected commentary:

  • Gertrude Zhao- Heissenberger (Leiterin des Referats "Kultur und Sprache", Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur, Wien)
  • Karen Roy (UBC): used a video clip from “Sendung mit der Maus” to encourage the use of the present perfect tense.
  • Ines Pietrock (SATG): showed us how to use German chocolate and origami boxes to teach “Wechselpräpositionen” in a fun and tasty way.
  • Ruth Renters (Goethe Institut Toronto) presented a powerful DVD entitled “Ikonen der Grenze”, which can be used as a teaching tool for the Berlin Wall theme.
  • Alain Forget (College Ahuntsic) explained the benefits of using contemporary music and lyrics from such popular German- based rock bands as “Tokio Hotel”.
  • Caroline Rieger (UBC): “Kooperative Sprachspiele im Zeitalter von Wikipedia und Reality TV”.
  • Wieland Petermann (Fachberater, Kanada- West) encouraged us to use our imagination and our oral German to tell the stories behind the people in the posters displayed around the room.
  • Hannelore Müller (Fachberaterin, Kanada Ost): “Willkommen in Sprachstadt!”
  • Christine Arweiler (Bundesprogrammlehrkraft, Manitoba Education): In this workshop Christine proved that by playing easy-to-produce language games, learning German can be fun!
  • Peter Gölz (UVic): “Zur technischen Integration von Spielfilmen in den Unterricht”
  • Christine Spreter “Zeitgenössisch und erfolgreich: der deutsche Film hat Einzug in den Deutschunterricht”.
  • Eva Ledwig (Goethe Institut Montreal) walked us through “Forum Deutsch”, the Canadian DaF periodical that is now available online, and offers many peer- assessed articles as well as links to some excellent resources. All teachers of German in Canada can also use Forum Deutsch to post local events in the calendar, to report on goings-on in the schools, or to submit articles.

On Saturday night we were invited to attend a lively poetry reading by the award winning German slam poet, Nora Gomringer. The Conference concluded on Sunday with the AGM, where regional delegates gave their reports. The next CATG Conference will be held Feb. 19- 21, 2010 in Montreal, and will be entitled “Wege im Wandel: Neue Richtungen im Deutschunterricht”. A call for papers has recently been sent out via the CATG Listserv, so if you would be interested in presenting at the next conference please contact Herb Martens for details.

The current CATG Executive members are:

Chair: Sandra Hoenle (CAUTG)
Past Chair: Anette Guse (CAUTG)
Vice Chair: Ilse Spangenberg (KVDS)
Secretary: Helma Kroeh- Sommer (KVDS)
Treasurer: Patrick Carter (OATG)

Herb Martens
CATG Representative