2009: Sitzungsprotokoll

CATG 2009

Jahreshauptversammlung/Annual General Meeting

Sunday, February 22, 10:15 – 12:00, Vancouver

Minutes of the Meeting

Members present:
CATG: Patrick Carter, Sandra Hoenle, Helma Kroeh-Sommer, Ilse Spangenberg
APAQ - Cornelia Brandt, Katy Geissler
OATG - Patrick Carter, Jimmy Steele, Nicola Townend
MTG - Edward Kleinsasser, Herb Martens
SATG - Silke R. Falkner, Ines Pietrock
AATG - Heide Doppmeier
BCCTG- Kenneth Hegler, Isolde Hey, Axel Rechlin
CAUTG- Ruediger Mueller, Barbara Schmenck
CAGLS/KVDS- Isolde Winter
Goethe Institute Toronto - Ruth Renters
Goethe Institut Montreal - Eva Ledwig
ZfA- Hannelore Mueller

1. Call to Order and Welcome -Sandra Hoenle
A list is circulated for members in attendance.

2. Adoption of the Agenda
Correction of numbering is made;
-moved by Ruediger Mueller; seconded by Silke Falkner; adopted as corrected

3. Adoption of the Minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting
corrections: SATG- University of Saskatchewan has a credited program….
…Wieland Petermann; eight high schools in Calgary….
Roswita (without h)Dressler
-moved to adopt as corrected by Kenneth Hegler; seconded by Isolde Hey

4. Business Arising
No business arising

5. Previous Business
No business arising

6. Reports

a) Member organizations (delegates) written reports to be sent to the secretary Helma Kroeh-Sommer for publication in FD.

ACTG – no representative present

APAQ - 47 members; two meetings a year; efforts made to include members from Austria and Switzerland; still without success; renovation of website; a private high school became PASCH Schule.

OATG - Fortbildungs-Wochenende at Appleby College with invited guest speakers; poor attendance with under 20 people; updated website; electronic newsletter; 30 official members; difficulty to get them to pay up; collaboration with the Goethe Institute; availability of materials for grades 11 and 12; Appleby College is a PASCH Schule; this year German contest is revived.

MTG - 88 members; annual in-service in September with over 80 participants; successful rap presentation; student exchange program is going less well; language contest is thriving with 170 participants; new category for recent German immigrants to Manitoba was created; 3 trips to Germany as prizes; MTG offers prize money; new teacher consultant to help with the bilingual program; website was delayed again, but should be up soon.

SATG - 25 members representing different organizations; German book club; strong new immigration from Germany; German Day with 500 participants; 446 volunteer hours; efforts help to increase interest for German in schools; a pilot project looking at setting up a German-English public school for 2010.

AATG – new treasurer; PD event for teachers of the whole province; mostly Calgary teachers attended; Wieland Petermann and Goethe Institute representatives took part; the theme was music in DaF; German Day May 14; CSALT conference in Edmonton in May; German will be well represented; resources for a bilingual program are being developed; great influx of immigrants creating stronger interest in bilingual programs.

BCCTG -45 members; some high school programs get developed, and others cancelled; BC Heritage Language Association works with BCCTG; Kenneth Hegler is their president; Austrian guests at this conference are sponsored by the BC Heritage Language Association; 35 students leave for Germany for exchange program next week; Deutschwettbewerb from the German Consulate works well; students write tests; six are selected for oral interviews; two students win a four-week stay in Germany; every October the yearly conference for high-school teachers takes place; 25 participants; ``Multies`` did presentations; hope to have a website up soon; students can take German 12 and are not forced to write exams; this increases German enrolment; in the next six years the Europaeischer Referenzrahmen will apply to all six foreign languages, thanks to the efforts of Wieland Petermann

KVDS- 28 schools representing over 3000 students; updated website; electronic Info-Letter 3 to 4 times a year; most schools give provincial credits; in May national conference in Ottawa; in November was a conference about `` Pädagogisches Qualitätsmanagement``.

CAUTG – around 200 members; last conference in Ottawa in May; new president is Peter Goetz; Werkstudentenprogramm is being revived; internships or paid work can be done in Germany; could be a motivating factor.

b) President’s annual report/Forum Deutsch report
large number of excellent proposals received; thanks to Isolde Hey for her help in preparing this conference; thanks to Kenneth Hegler for establishing contacts to Austrian guest speakers; President Sandra Hoenle will represent CATG at the IDT conference in Weimar/Jena this July; Joanne van Donzel is reelected IDV treasurer; Silke Falkner thinks that CATG can send two representatives to the IDT in July; Sandra Hoenle will check it out.

Eva Ledwig presents the well-established FD website; finances are secured; encourages members to send articles; calendar part of website has to be updated regularly; you can do it yourself, or send it to Eva Ledwig with a good ``teaser text``; asks delegates to send their provincial reports for publication in FD; three reports have been received only prior to the conference; photos can be submitted, too, with appropriate explanatory text

c) Membership and Financial Report – Patrick Carter
all organizations have paid their dues
funding available for each organization to send two delegates to conference and AGM - importance to be sure to send two delegates each year.
Fortbildungsfund was rolled over into the regular account; will not be accounted for separately any more, as professional development CATG’s main activity; FD fund will be used as prize/bursary money for article submissions. participants should use yellow reimbursement forms for eligible expenses; participants should pay their hotel bills themselves, and claim reimbursement.
Conference last year in Calgary was less expensive than expected; flight costs were lower.
Patrick Carter reminds us that the conference takes place thanks to the financial support of StADaF.
- certificate of attendance will be presented; request forms distributed for reimbursement of expenses with original receipts;
Patrick Carter moved and Kenneth Hegler seconds that the report be accepted

7. New Business
a) election of secretary and treasurer
Nominations for secretary: Isolde Hey nominates Helma Kroeh-Sommer; Isolde Winter
seconds; Kenneth Hegler closes the nomination; Herb Martens seconds; acclaimed.
Nominations for treasurer: Silke Falkner nominates Patrick Carter; Ruediger Mueller seconds; Kenneth Hegler closes the nomination; Heide Doppmeier seconds; acclaimed.

b) new executive position: Communications Officer
main functions: to be in close contact with member organizations, to be informed of any changes of officers; to encourage the writing and sending of reports before each conference.

Call for nominations: Heide Doppmeier nominates Nicola Townend; Jimmy Steele seconds; Kenneth Hegler closes the nominations; Silke Falkner seconds; acclaimed.

8. Planning and Preparation for CATG 2010
Montreal could be the host in 2010, and Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario in 2011. The Executive will decide. For 2010 the weekend of February 5 or 12 is possible; Isolde Hey says that it might be difficult to get flights out of Vancouver because of the Olympic Games.

9. Other Business
Patrick Carter moves to thank the BC team for the organization of the conference. Helma Kroeh-Sommer seconds.

10. Adjournment
Silke Falkner moves to adjourn; meeting adjourned.