Dear CATG/ACPA Members,

The last year has been busy, as I was getting used to the new position and its responsibilities. The transition from Sandra Hoenle has been very smooth due to her generous help, support and advice. My gratitude for their work, help and support goes also to Patrick Carter, Nicola Townend, and Ilse Spangenberg.

Much of my time has been devoted to the new web sites for the CATG/ACPA and Forum Deutsch. Both will be introduced at this meeting and we will also discuss the plans we have for their future. With the generous financial support of the Goethe-Institut Montreal, we have acquired our own URL,, and are building a new web site, which already encompasses Forum Deutsch,, and in the future we hope that provincial and other German associations may wish to join us by creating their own pages as part of the CATG/ACPA and our server. Acceptance of this idea and offer would make us and our information more centralised, reduce our combined costs, while enabling us all to have our web pages but also to share in this combined resource. CATG/ACPA and Forum Deutsch web sites will be much more tied to each other as well, so the connection of our journal is visually clearer, but also in content.

Forum Deutsch has undergone some changes beyond the visual changes of the web site. Barbara Schmenk, Univ. Waterloo, is the new editor of “Forschungsforum”, while Eva Ledwig, Goethe-Institut Montreal, remains at the helm of “Unterrichtsforum.” I have become the general editor of the entire publication. A new venue, “Diskussionsforum,” is being introduced in order to incite discussion on topics of interest to our membership. We are always looking for contributions to these different forums and invite any and every teacher of German to submit his or her work.
Advocacy has been another aspect in which I was involved last year. About most of what we have done, I have kept the membership apprised via our list server. This has included a joint letter with the CAUTG/APAUC regarding the restructuring of their comp. lit. and languages programmes at the Univ. of Toronto, as well as an informal investigation into the goings on at the Univ. of Saskatchewan. The U of T has since changed its mind or at least is reconsidering its options. The chair of the languages department at the U of S assured us, no moves are being made against German and that they are offering courses in the fall. We are monitoring this situation. I have also signed petitions and will write letters in support of German and other language programmes abroad.

Nov. 11-14, 2010, I was invited to Banff as president of the CATG/ACPA by our Fachberater, Wieland Petermann, Friedrich Broeckelmann. The meeting’s theme was “Online-Kurse für Deutschlerner in Kanada – Potenziale und Perspektiven.” At that meeting, the participants listened to experts (Prof. Franz Futterknecht, Ruth Renters, Dr. Rebecca Launer) and discussed the need for and merits of online materials and Web 2.0 that are employable in the classroom. We agreed that we should begin by compiling such materials already available and make them or their links available on the new CATG/ACPA web site. Once this is done, we wish to invite others to contribute materials they wish to share and to participate in the project(s) in other ways. Eventually, we will need to seek funding in order to support this worthwhile endeavour, which is intended to enable us to share our materials, benefit from others’ ideas and creativity, and to learn from each other, to use Web 2.0 and the like in order to enhance our teaching. In short, we hope that we do not all need to keep “re-inventing the wheel” but will be able to use what has been created but also produce new modules that can be used in the classroom at all and different levels.

At this year’s “Congress” in Fredericton, NB, May 28-31, we will co-sponsor a joint session with the CAUTG/APAUC, a roundtable on secondary/postsecondary articulation. Like the Banff meeting, this aims at bridging the (perceived?) gap between secondary and post-secondary teaching and learning of German and education in general. It is meant to initiate an active discourse among all German teachers in order to move forward to a common, stronger future. Nicola Townend and Sandra Hoenle are our confirmed participants in this session.

CATG/ACPA should have a larger profile at other conference. Due to short time lines, we were unable to mount sections at the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) conference but hope to be able to do so in the future.

Thanks go to our host, the Pasch-Schule Appleby College, to Patrick Carter, Branka Popovic, Nicola Townend, Ilse Spangenberg, Ruth Renters, the Ontario Association of Teachers of German and the German Consulate for their support and organization of our 2011 Conference. Next year’s Conference will be held in Winnipeg, Feb. 24-26, 2012, in conjunction with the Manitoba Teachers of German (MTG). Cheryl Dueck has generously agreed to be our local organizer.

Respectfully submitted,

Rüdiger Mueller