2012: Info für Deligierte

Registration is now open for this year's Canadian Association of Teachers of German conference, February 24th - 26th 2012. I would like to forward a draft of the program for the weekend, along with this year's registration form.

Please submit your completed form to Ilse Spangenberg as soon as possible to facilitate planning. If there have been any changes to your Provincial Association's Presidency since 2011, or if you are not going to be able to attend the conference this year, please let me know as soon as possible so I can update my mailing lists.

As you will see from the draft program, we recommend that you arrange to arrive on the morning of Friday February 24th, and to leave in the early afternoon of Sunday February 26th. Delegates attending the AGM on Sunday will need to allow for that, in addition to the morning's presentations. Official delegates and presenters are reminded that the hotel rooms are reimbursed for the Friday and Saturday night stays only. If you choose to arrive on Thursday, this extra night may not be reimbursed.


Winnipeg Delta Hotel
CATG-Rate $129/Nacht (Einzel- oder Doppelbelegung; ein drittes Bett kostet $15/Nacht)
350 St Mary Ave Winnipeg, R3C3J2

Key reminders:

  • It is very important that each regional member association send 2 delegates. We have budgeted for this and would very much like to see all regions of Canada fully represented.
  • Please book your hotel room yourself. Full hotel details to follow shortly. Remember that it is the responsibility of the attendees themselves to arrange who they will share rooms with. The CATG can only reimburse hotel rooms based on double occupancy.
  • Each member association should submit their annual report to me by Friday February 17th. This will allow for reports to be organized for the AGM on the Sunday, so that when each association gives their oral report, it need only contain the "highlights". The AGM will be entirely "paperless" this year, so no copies will be made. The Reports will be projected onto a screen and posted to the CATG website following the conference. Here are a few suggestions as to what this report might include:
    • Membership numbers
    • Activities over the past year
    • Networking/Partnerships
    • Promoting German
    • How the delegates' learning from last year's CATG Conference was passed on to the rest of the membership

Conference Fees:

  • All official delegates (two per association) pay a Conference fee of $130. 
  • Other conference participants pay a conference fee of $50.
  • Those attending a single day (or less) pay a reduced fee of $25.
  • Graduate students and presenters who are not official delegates may attend the conference at no charge.


Travel expenses:

Upon submission of a travel expense claim form with supporting receipts, official delegates and members of the CATG executive are entitled to reimbursement of airfare and transfers between the airport and hotel in Winnipeg, and hotel accommodation (room costs and taxes only - based upon double occupancy).  Single occupancy will be reimbursed at a minimum rate of 50%.

Conference presenters who are not official delegates are eligible for a travel expense subsidy to cover a portion of their travel costs, upon submission of a travel expense claim form with supporting receipts.

Membership Fees:

Each member association pays an annual membership fee to the CATG.  The fee is set at $1 per individual member, with a minimum fee of $50.  Membership fees are due at the annual conference.

Membership and registration fees may be paid by cash or cheque (payable to ‘CATG’).  Should you have any questions concerning this information, please contact the CATG treasurer Patrick Carter ( pcarter@appleby.on.ca ).