2013: Info für Vortragende und TeilnehmerInnen

In preparation for the CATG/AATG conference at the University of Calgary, please review the following financial information:


  • Please use the following form to register
  • Submit your completed registration form to Ilse Spangenberg as soon as possible to facilitate planning.

Conference Fees:

  • All official delegates (two per association) pay a Conference fee of $130.
  • Other conference participants pay a conference fee of $50. Those attending a single day (or less) pay a reduced fee of $25.
  • Graduate students and presenters who are not official delegates may attend the conference at no charge.

Travel expenses:

  • Upon submission of a travel expense claim form with supporting receipts, official delegates and members of the CATG executive are entitled to reimbursement of airfare and airport transfers, and hotel accommodation (based upon double occupancy). Single occupancy will be reimbursed at a minimum of 50%.
  • Conference presenters who are not official delegates are eligible for a travel expense subsidy to cover a portion of their travel costs, upon submission of a travel expense claim form with supporting receipts.

Hotel reservations:

  • Room reservations are the responsibility of individual delegates and presenters. The conference hotel is the Hotel Alma, located at the University of Calgary (reservations: 1.877.498.3203; website: www.hotelalma.ca). A special 'CATG' conference rate has been arranged, for bookings made by Friday 18 January 2013. Please note that arranging room-mates is the responsibility of delegates and presenters.
  • For additional information regarding accommodation, please see our hotel information.

Membership Fees:

  • Each member association pays an annual membership fee to the CATG. The fee is set at $1 per individual member, with a minimum fee of $50. Membership fees are due at the annual conference, payable by cheque (payee 'CATG').